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Timeshare Sentences by the Supreme Court in Spain

The last two Court Sentences of the Spanish Supreme Court on Timeshares are a compendium of the doctrine that the High Court has produced so far: 1. Timeshare Law applies to holiday club memberships as, the object that was transmitted in the contract, is  a right to use one or several properties during a determined or determinable period of time. 2. If the contract did not respect the form established by law, it is null and void. 3. The indefinite duration of these contracts makes it null and void and they can only be constituted for a maximum period of 50 years. 4. Any individual...

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Q&A on Tourism Rentals in Spain

The rules that as owner you have to follow to rent your property to tourists in Spain are a complete hieroglyph today. What is the law that regulates tourist rental? Currently, there are 43 different Tourism regulations in the Spanish national territory. The City Councils can also add requirements from the competences they have in planning matters. Can the Community of Owners prohibit tourist rental? The Community of owners does not have the power to limit the owner's rights, among which is to rent the property. They can regulate and enforce the statutes that regulate the use of common elements of the...

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Can Ryanair deny compensation?

European regulation EC 261/2004 establishes a series of automatic compensations in the event that a flight is cancelled. One of them is that users can claim economic compensation, an alternative transport and the refund of the ticket. Likewise, they may receive compensation for material and moral damages, as well as the right to receive assistance. In the case of Ryanair, when it comes to short and medium distance journeys, the compensation will vary between 250 Euros, if the journey is less than 1,500 kilometres or 400 Euros, in the case of flights between 1,500 and 3,000 kilometres. In case an alternative...

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