Mortgage debt aid

Mortgage debt aidMortgage Debt Aid in Spain

If you were persuaded to buy a property during the real estate boom and have ended up with mortgage payments that are much higher than expected, help is at hand.

We’ve heard the same story many times – the property you were pushed into buying from a developer has become a nightmare. The one you purchased through a commission hungry salesmen, who was working in cohorts with a biased lawyer, during the real estate boom. Your mortgage is sky high and you just wish you could turn the clock back and start again.

The good news is that there is a way out of the situation. Did you know that the banks have a set minimum value in which to repossess properties for and offer of agreements? The property market is recovering in Spain and banks are selling properties again.

It might well be your moment to get out now. Have you heard of Spain’s Mortgage Default Assistance? Let’s take a look:

Mortgage Default Assistance in Spain

  • Are you struggling to pay a mortgage on a house for which the initial valuation was highly-inflated?
  • Is the Bank not listening to you? Is your pension not enough to cover such an expensive mortgage?
  • Do you feel that you cannot keep living this way? Is the situation destroying your retirement?
  • Are your UK assets under threat of repossession due to your Spanish mortgage costs?

We can help you. We have already helped hundreds of people just like you, who have been suffering the adversities of the financial crisis and the resulting boom-and-bust situation.

Spanish law can be on your side. We are a law firm that has a proven track record of punishing banks. It’s what we do best. Our results speak for themselves.

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