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Buying a property in Spain – the importance of choosing the right lawyer

During the housing boom, many lawyers and estate agents did nothing to protect their clients who are still suffering the consequences today. This is a story we have heard over and over again.

Lawyers, who were working in association with real estate agencies, who never had their clients’ best interests at heart and helped miss-sell many thousands of properties during the real estate boom years. Properties with no proper paperwork, no guarantees and no protection.

Maria de Castro formed Costaluz Lawyers in 2006 at the peak of the property market in Spain, with a 100% independent profile. We are not affiliated with any bank, promoter or real estate agent. Nor have we ever been.

The crisis of 2007 led to client demand for claims against developers and banks instead of property purchasing and investments.  Costaluz Lawyers are pioneers in this field and carry out innovative, highly professional work for hundreds of clients. We have changed the status-quo and the usual way lawyers work for foreign clients in Spain.

Spain now has a more consumer-orientated legal scenario for off-plan property investments thanks in a big extent to hundreds of hours of dedicated work of our team.

Now after almost ten years of daily hard work for the foreign customer with real estate interests in Spain, with a recovering property market and great deals along the Spanish coast and inland, we are a team of lawyers at your disposal who will carry out all the relevant legal checks to ensure your property purchase is 100% safe and that the process is as smooth as possible.

Nothing is more important to us than to professionally defend the interests of our clients and you can read evidence of this in the testimonials section of our website.

Costaluz Lawyers and Maria de Castro, through her professional liability insurance, offers a 30 year guarantee for the legal work provided to you.

We also have an unbeatable passion for customer care, which has been proven over the years.  Costaluz Lawyers are recommended by the British Embassy and by the British Consulates in Spain.

Our property purchase and relocation service offers:

  • Finding the right property
  • Mortgage selection
  • Property insurances
  • Property quality survey
  • Utilities transfer and connection
  • Legal appraisal and conveyancing

After sales full free legal support for ONE YEAR (not including disputes assistance or Litigation)

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