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A summary of the new Royal Decree of 6 March 2019 on housing rentals:

Regarding contracts:   The period of mandatory extension of rental contracts change from three (3) to five (5) years, and the tacit extension is changed from one (1) to three (3) years for natural persons in the case that the landlord or the tenant does not express his will not to renew it. In the event that the landlord is a legal entity, it will be seven (7) years of mandatory contract and three (3) years for tacit extensions. The increase in annual rent will be linked to the CPI for the duration of the contract (5 years). It is limited...

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New Royal Decree on Housing & Rental

1st.- Elimination of the need to register the lease contracts in the Property Registry, so that it may produce effects with respect to third parties It is no longer necessary for the lease contracts to be registered in the Land Registry so that they can have effects with respect to third parties during the period of minimum duration legally foreseen. Thus, if during the first five or seven years of the contract, depending on the landlord being a natural or legal person, the right of the landlord is resolved by causes established in Law, the tenant may continue in the lease until...

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New Decree regulating tourist rentals in Spain overturned by Congress

The Royal Decree-law 21/2018, of 14 December 2018, of urgent measures in the matter of housing and rent was revoked yesterday, 22 January 2019, by the Congress of Deputies. 243 deputies out of 350 voted against it. So, questions again: What  guarantee is required in a rental agreement? There is no limit to the guarantees that the owner can request from the tenant.  In the decree that the Government has overturned, this guarantee was limited to a maximum of two months. What extension is mandatory for home rental contracts? It depends when the contract was signed.  If the contract was signed during the 35 days...

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