Spanish Government Royal Decree for a No Deal Brexit

Given the uncertainty surrounding the process of ratification of the withdrawal agreement of the UK and Northern Ireland from the European Union, the Government has published Royal Decree-Law 5/2019, of March 1, by which contingency measures are adopted in the event of the withdrawal of the UK and Northern Ireland from the EU without the foreseen agreement (SP / LEG / 25935).   In other words a ‘No Deal Brexit’. This contains various decisions in anticipation that such withdrawal might occur without the required consensus. These are the main issues that affect the subject of foreigners. Residence and work of nationals of the UK...

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Oppose the bank if you are sued for non-payment of your mortgage

Why is it easier now than ever? Different circumstances related to abusive clauses in Spanish Mortgage contracts and the revision of these by European Law, has created a never seen before scenario of protection for the mortgage holder. Some of these circumstances are: - Mortgages with early maturity clauses: The judges in virtually all of Spain have stopped the mortgage enforcement procedures pending the decision of the European Court on the possible nullity of the clause of early maturity. 2.-Sale of mortgage debt to investment funds: The Bank or the investment fund, depending on how the transfer was made and if this was...

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Have you done your homework before Brexit?

As a Spanish resident As uncertain as the situation is at present, it is wise to check and review some aspects of your life in Spain before Brexit is finally implemented (if that actually happens).  We would recommend checking your Spanish documents to see if they are all up to date. Padron registration Tax registration Social Security registration Car registration Health Services registration NIE number With regards to your Will, you can still enjoy the benefit that Brussels IV offered in terms of deciding that UK Law should govern your inheritance instead of your country of residence.  Once Brexit happens on 29 March...

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