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A lawyer must be like an “alter-ego” for their client, to know well their expectations and pains and guide so the path becomes as easy as possible. Especially if client is foreign to the culture, language and legal system. We enjoy that role of our profession. It is our vocation.

We realised that we could play a vital role in bringing safety, understanding and protection to our clients through our 10 years of legal assistance to thousands of English-speaking foreigners in Spain who suffered consequences of the recession.

And this is our vision for the future ahead:  to keep offering advice and being a guiding hand to help you feel safe and assured when dealing with your interests in Spain. Whether you are a retired person planning to relocate here, a young father wanting to re-start family life in our country, a business man opening a Spanish branch or a holidaymaker searching for a safe holiday home, we strive to offer exceptional levels of service.


To deliver straightforward, transparent and people focused online legal services to private individuals and businesses in Spain.


You can read on our values in this document:

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